The passing of a friend or family member has numerous consequences emotionally, financially, and legally. Although it is not the most efficient means of administering an estate, the Arizona Probate Court System assists citizens in resolving the final affairs of those who have passed away. During the probate process expect to navigate through the transfer of property, final tax filings, and working with known and unknown creditors. A knowledgeable attorney can help guide you through this process.

Probate may not be necessary for certain estates. However, the probate system serves many useful purposes:

  • Establishes an order and system for the administration of an estate,
  • Ensures a complete and final disposition for known and unknown debts of an estate,
  • Provides a clear transfer of title for real and personal property, and
  • Provides a public forum and resolution process for grievances that arise during the administration of an estate.

However, there are also disadvantages to probate:

  • Even for simple administrations, the probate process takes at least 4-5 months to complete.
  • Probate is a public process and assets of an estate are generally disclosed as part of the proceeding.
  • The notice and filing requirements of a court-based process have inherent costs of both time and money.

Many of the disadvantages of probate can be avoided with a proper estate plan.

The Prosperity Attorneys at Winsor Law Group proactively assist clients with comprehensive strategies to mitigate or eliminate the need for their estate to go through probate. However, if probate is unavoidable, our experienced attorneys provide compassionate and skilled representation to resolve the estate quickly and efficiently.